Some Things Never Change
(D. Maswick and S. Candlen)

How many have to stand to be counted?
How many have to scream to be heard?
How loud does it have to be until they hear us?
How long is it bonn take until we learn?

How many hearts must break to find justice?
How much does it cost to be free?
Where in the world are the answers to these questions?
What in the world will it take for us to see?

It seems no matter how hard we try
Nothing will spare us these tears in our eyes
With our hands on our hears and our hearts to the sky
Some things never change

How long do we have to wait until we matter?
How long do we have to wait to be heard?
How long will it be until our prayers are answered?
How low must we bend to watch our bridges burn?

Some things never change…….